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Astrology – May 2017 Horoscope 


By Mr. Astrology 

Claudius Ptolemy was an astronomer and mathematician who practiced in Alexandria during the 2nd century. In many fields of learning his ideas represent the pinnacle of classical science. In his first major work, the Almagest (meaning “the greatest”), Ptolemy details the geocentric theory of the movements of the sun, moon, and planets.

Ptolemy reasoned that the earth is a fixed sphere at the center of a greater celestial sphere turning at a constant rate. This greater celestial sphere carries with it the sun, moon, stars and planets, producing their risings and settings. Over the passage of a year, the sun travels in an immense circle known as the ecliptic, appearing retrograde in regards to the revolution of the celestial sphere. The moon and planets also give the impression of retrograde motion. The planets were also known as “wandering stars” as opposed to the “fixed stars” found in the ecliptic.

Taurus April 21-May 21 On the 10th the moon lights up your 7th house of partnerships, providing opportunities for new relationships! Your ruling planet, Venus, squares off with Pluto on the 25th. Looking for a new point of view offers resolution. You can progress beyond the strain by clearing up any relationship difficulties.

Gemini May 22-June 20 The sun enters your 1st house of self on the 20th, presenting a valuable opportunity to demonstrate your exceptional gifts! It will be a great occasion to explore the unfamiliar and to meet new acquaintances. On the 31st your ruling planet, Mercury, harmonizes with Pluto. You can muscle through any test and emerge triumphant!

Cancer June 21-July 21 On the 10th your ruling planet the moon enters your 5th house of creativity. This alignment may give you an occasion to obtain a better sense of companionship. Communicative Mercury enters your 11th house of community on the 15th. Under this influence perceptions arrive seemingly from out of the blue!

Leo July 22-Aug. 22 Your ruling planet the Sun harmonizes with powerful Pluto on the 9th, contributing much welcomed strength and determination to achieve all your goals. On the 25th the moon enters your 3rd house of communications. Now would be a good time to explore further education and development of new skills.

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22 On the 20th the sun enters your 10th house of career, initiating a month where you pay extra attention to your occupation. Your ruling planet, mental Mercury, is in an advantageous relationship with serious Saturn on the 11th. A colleague could endorse your efforts and put you in line for promising long-term opportunities.

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22 Communicative Mercury enters your 8th house of shared resources on the 15th, strengthening your intuition and making it easy for you to read between the lines. On the 19th your ruling planet, gracious Venus, faces off with Jupiter. Avoid over committing yourself, and try to find the balance between friends and family.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 22 On the 9th the Sun creates a beneficial alignment with your ruling planet Pluto. You’re able to communicate the depths of your heart. You exude a remarkable sense of strength and self-confidence! The moon illuminates your 1st house of self on the 10th. Discover what is vital to you while also being considerate in your relationships.

Sagittarius Nov. 23-Dec. 21 Friendly Venus is in a stressful formation with your ruling planet expansive Jupiter on the 19th. Avoid over committing yourself, and try to find the balance between friends and family. On the 20th the sun enters your 7th house of partnerships. You want to take a relationship to the next stage or lessen your obligations.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 20 On the 15th Mercury enters your 5th house of creativity. People take notice of you, and you want to demonstrate to everyone how resourceful and imaginative you really are! Your ruling planet, Saturn, is in a harmonious configuration with Uranus on the 18th. A much-appreciated burst of enthusiasm and vitality lifts your spirits, bringing your projects nearer to completion!

Aquarius Jan. 21-Feb. 19 On the 9th mental Mercury teams up with your ruling planet, innovative Uranus. Flashes of insight arrive with the speed of lightning under this transit! The moon enters your 10th house of career and public standing on the 10th. Explore how to modify or expand work duties.

Pisces Feb. 20-March 20 The sun enters your 4th house of home and family on the 20th. For the next four weeks family exchanges feel beneficial and illuminating. On the 27th Mercury forms a helpful configuration with your ruling planet mystical Neptune. Being romantic feels healthy and sustaining.

Aries March 21-April 20 Mercury enters your 2nd house of resources on the 15th, indicating a preference for a more practical and rational approach in regards to your finances. On the 30th your ruling planet, assertive Mars, is in an advantageous configuration with Uranus. You have the ability to see your creative projects through to completion.

Ptolemy also discovered the lengths of the seasons based on his observations of solstices and equinoxes. His earth-centered theories were universally acknowledged for over a millennium, until Nicolaus Copernicus first published his heliocentric theory in 1543. Have a great month, and always remember: Keep looking to the stars!

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