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July 27, 2017


Breast Cancer Prevention

By Marcey Klein BS, CNC Breast Cancer is a multifaceted disease with many areas to look at in preventative care. One negative facet we are seeing more of now is toxicity in the environment and in our bodies. Pesticides, which are sprayed on our conventional foods, in our yards, and which leach into our water,

Your Shade Garden in the Redwoods

What to Plant?   By Brandon Parker, CFII Why does your garden near the redwoods always end up looking like a dusty road in a spaghetti western? Imagine if you could make that shade spot shine – lush like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon! I will reveal 15 prime plants that thrive under redwoods! Shade


The Recipe Box    by Quail Hollow Kitchens The days are heating up at Quail Hollow Kitchens so it’s time for some hummus. This is a favorite of my recipes. Easy, vegan, light in texture and flavor perfect for carrots, crackers, or as a sandwich spread. It’s packed with hidden protein. You can top this hummus with

Water Power SLV History

by Lisa Robinson   In 1861, the California Powder Works (CPW) incorporated, and in 1863 the company purchased 222 acres of Rancho Cañada del Rincon en el Rio de San Lorenzo, which at the time was owned by lime industry manufacturers Davis and Jordon. It was the first explosives manufacturer in the West. Powder being

Astrology – June 2017 Horoscope

By Mr. Astrology The summer solstice begins at 9:24 PM (PDT) on June 20th, 2017 in the Northern Hemisphere. At this time, the Sun pauses over the Tropic of Cancer on its trek north and then continues on, heading south towards the equator. “Solstice” comes from the Latin words sol and sistere, meaning “sun” and

History- Love Creek Water Elevator

By Lisa Robinson In 1901, John Armstrong of Santa Cruz patented an automatic water-elevator. The device used a small amount of water with considerable fall, to move a portion of that water to a higher elevation. A tower would be erected in a gulch where the top of the tower would be around five feet

Ridgetop Rants

  By Stephen Carl, Morning Nightcap News The Pews Have Been Filling Up at The First Church of Carlin Lately 50% of the country makes less than $30,000 a year. Over 60% of the country is one major vehicle repair away from missing bills, rent, or food. And they don’t have a political party that represents

Healthy Tidbits

The Skinny on Cholesterol By Marcey Klein BS, CNC What is it? Cholesterol is a fat found in your brain, liver, and many cells in the body. It is converted by enzymes to steroid hormones (which consist of stress and sex hormones), vitamin D, and bile salts. Cholesterol is a component of our cell membranes,

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