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It’s Legal! It’s Legal!

Collective Euphoria Keeps its Cool as California Tests its Cannabis Roots   By Jim Coffis     Whatever euphoria accompanied the end of nearly a century of cannabis prohibition in California on January 1st was quickly burst as the reality of the status of local cannabis regulations particularly around cultivation comes into focus.   No

Women’s March Santa Cruz 2018: “Be the Change” 

By Chris Finnie Last year, The Santa Cruz Women’s March attracted an estimated 18,000 people to advocate for women’s rights and equality in everything from healthcare to education through a peaceful and family-friendly protest.   While it inspired a wave of women to run for office, some of the issues it tried to address have

Dancing with Cancer: Cannabis ~ A Nutritive Protocol

Cannabis ~ A Nutritive Protocol By Lori Suzanne Holetz A year ago, I was diagnosed with early Stage 1 breast cancer…alarming at best.  Jumping through all the Western medical hoops was frightening and my prognosis through these modalities never looked good. Time to take matters into my own hands, and a year later, I have