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April 25, 2017

Horse Balm and Hard Work 

Boulder Creek Neighbors social network founded by an old-school cowboy with community at heart.   By Julie Horner   Kevin Foster and his rodeo buddy, Billy Ray Coffey, stood tall and lean in front of Jenna Sue’s, chiseled, well-tanned faces shaded by crisp cowboy hats. Both men seemed naturally compelled to greet passersby – with


Do You Know the Way to San Jose…and Back Again? 

How social media saved our skins during winter storms. By Chris Finnie Throughout  this year’s winter storms, websites and social media have played a big part in keeping mountain residents informed about what roads were open. During the height of the onslaught, the ever-changing road conditions meant that people made it to work, school, and

Fantastic Figures Await at the New Felton Library 

  Art Installation Heralds the Coming of the Library   By Felton Library Friends   The Felton Library Festival, which will be held on Saturday, May 20 from 12:00 to 4:00 pm, will feature an art installation of “Fantastic Figures” on the new library site just down Gushee street next to the Post Office. The

From Santa Cruz to Somewhere New 

    AmeriCorps NCCC Team Silver 3 member shares her San Lorenzo Valley Restoration Program experience.   By Kelsey Stoneberger Hometown, Harper’s Ferry, WV.   When Coast Redwoods sprouting up into the shape of giants greeted me as I drove into Santa Cruz on the first day, I could feel this overwhelming sense of comfort

Bear Creek Country Club – All Eyes on the Prize

Bear Creek Country Club – All Eyes on the Prize BCRPD opens newly acquired Bear Creek Country Club for KBCZ 90.1 Radio fundraiser   The first opportunity for the public to enjoy the reopening of Bear Creek Country Club, a recent acquisition by the Boulder Creek Recreation and Parks District, is on Saturday, April 22


Community the Do-It-Ourselves Way

Co-founders of popular local music gathering ruminate on what makes DIO Fest so awesome. By Julie Horner with Stevee Stubblefield and Jon LaBeaud Do-It-Ourselves Festival is a 3-­day grassroots live music event in benefit of Camp Krem’s Music Enrichment Program for people with special needs. Boulder Creek’s relatively unheralded annual festival seems to stay low


Healthy Tidbits

The Skinny on Cholesterol By Marcey Klein BS, CNC What is it? Cholesterol is a fat found in your brain, liver, and many cells in the body. It is converted by enzymes to steroid hormones (which consist of stress and sex hormones), vitamin D, and bile salts. Cholesterol is a component of our cell membranes,

Live Music Local – Get Out Productions

By Julie Horner Standing under a dripping awning in front of Loch Dog Business Center in downtown Boulder Creek, I met up with Traci-lin Buntz, founder of Get Out Productions, to talk about how Boulder Creek has become a steaming hot hub for talent. Her new event production company, based in the Santa Cruz Mountains,

The San Lorenzo Paper Mill

by Lisa Robinson The San Lorenzo Paper Mill once stood close to the entrance of Paradise Park. It was established in 1860 by former San Franciscan, Henry Van Valkenburgh. The site for the mill was chosen because of the abundance of straw and lime, and the water power of the San Lorenzo River to drive

Seven Facts You Need To Know About Nettle

By Brandon Parker – CFII This month I have something special for you. A plant that holds the nectar of life. Find it and you could be healthier, stronger, and happier. Here’s the catch…it stings like a jellyfish. I will teach you nifty ways to nab it safely. Come on the adventure with me. Imagine

What to Expect When You’re Inspecting

By Adam Andrus After months of grueling work scouring the internet, the newspaper, magazines, visiting countless open houses, you finally found it: The home of your dreams. As you relish the thought of finally settling down and begin dreaming of how you’re going to decorate, the thought zips through your mind, “I hope the property